Default configuration
= = X = V = Z = C
note: for (French) AZERTY keyboards, Z = W



Importrant note: the commands are indicated for the 1st player 's side (facing the right) - if your character is facing the left, and arrows are inverted.


or or = Jump (as indicated) = Weak punch
or = Walk (as indicated) = Strong punch
= Crouch = Weak kick
or or = Guard = Strong kick
START = Taunt




= Run + = Roll forward
= Step back + + = Roll back
For a big jump, before a jump you can Run or tap rapidly + = Power attack
(close) or + or = Throw + = Charge power
Note: Some characters can throw in air.  




(During a guard) + Emergency escape (forward) - uses all the Power
(During a guard) + Emergency escape (backward) - uses all the Power
(During a guard) + Counter attack - uses all the Power
(When falling down - before landing) + Break fall (does work against some attacks)



1- The POWER bar and the Deadly moves

The Power bar can be filed when you charge your power (see "additional commands"). It also fils when you do
an attack (basic or even special).
With that Power bar, you can do many things (see "defence movements"), but the most important things are: the "Deadly
Moves". They require the FULL Power bar. Once you got it full, you have to input a command... All characters have
their own commands to input, and some of them have got more than one different Deadly move.

2- The STRESS bar and its Stress shoots

The Stress bar is quitly different. It's only filled when you get hit (some attacks add a lot of Stress, and some doesn't).
Once you got it full, you can cancel your guard with a special move - it's called a "Breakshot" (each character has 1 special
Breakshot move).
The Stress bar is also used for the Stress moves, which are strongest than the Deadly moves themself.
To make a Stress move, you have to get it full + the full Power bar. You also have to input a special command. And as
the Deadly moves, each characters have their own command.

note: Iori Yagami 's Stress Move doesn't require the Power bar because it's a follow-up of his Deadly move

3- The Desperation moves

Those moves are the strongest.
Once you got your stamina bar (life bar) at less than 50%, at a very special moment, your character's portrait will blink, and then
you'll have to input a command.
To know where your portrait will blink and its command, check his "desperation move". What's written between two
parenthesis are the things to do for your char to blink. And the rest is the command to input during the blink.
Those moves can be used one time each rounds.



1- If you knock-out your opponent when he is guarding, your opponent will fall on its knees. It works with ALL characters.
2- Some characters have a special KO animations. To see it, you must knock-out him/her using a Deadly/Stress/Desperation move.
    Not all characters have it, mostly the female characters do.

3- Some characters have "special intros" against certain opponents.

4- Same as 3, but applies for the "win poses".

5- Some rare characters have a special BGM against certain opponents.

6- Each rounds you can heard the beggining of different parts of a BGM.


Ultimate garou: Conquer your dreams - 2004 By David Demianoff (Ironmugen).
This project and myself have nothing to do with SNK Playmore or others.
This is just a fanart.