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Author Topic: Simple combo for Terry Bogard !  (Read 253 times)

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Simple combo for Terry Bogard !
« on: December 06, 2016, 09:05:48 PM »

Here is an exemple of what kind of combos you can do in Art of Fury thanks to the RBS combo system and the super feints.
Remember that feints require at least 70% of power and if canceled from a basic attack, it will cost 20% of power, leaving 80% for either a Super Deadly Move or a second super feint.
Here is the full command to make this simple combo with BOTH Terry :

- small jump forward
- hold forward and press A then B then C at each movehits
- land
- press A then B then forward + C then back + C
- cancel the last hit with a Quarter Circle Forward + X (super feint), the screen will pause (unlike regular feints)
- quickly dash forward
- hold forward and press A, C, C, C, C then back + C
- after the Power Charge (back + C) you have several options : Power Drunk, Raising Tackle, Power Geizer or even Triple Geizer

Remember you can use another super feint instead of using a Super Deadly Move. Also, remember that Triple Geizer will require two things : low life and NOT be in corner (or else, just use Power Geizer).

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