Fighting style: (Self-styled) Kyo Kusanagi direct-taught style
Age: 18
Nationality: Japanesse
Blood Group: O
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Likes: He's a 'Lizard Man' freak
Hates: Milk
Strong sport: Water polo, swimming
Most imp. thing: Life, his girlfriend, his student handbook
Favorite food: Microwavable dishes

After being left alone by his teammates after the destruction of the NESTS, Saisyu proposed Shingo to be his pupil. Shingo accepted and started training in order to be, someday, as strong as his idol Kyo. After some times of training, Saisyu sent Shingo to the tournament hosted by is old friend Takuma as a training-test. It seams that Shingo has done some good stuff during his training with Saisyu.

Background Music: Still Green

"Still" incomplete Oni Yaki: + Punch
Shingo Kick: + Kick
"Still" incomplete Oboroguruma: + Kick *breakshot*
"Still" incomplete Aragami: + Weak Punch
"Still" incomplete Dokugami: + Strong Punch
Nie Togi: (close distance) + Kick
Getchuu: + Punch
Shingo Kinsei Ore "Mushiki": + Punch
Geshiki: Kake Hourin: + Punch
Burning Shingo: + Both Punch
Incomplete Tsumugari: [Aragami] + Both Punch


Ultimate garou: Conquer your dreams - 2004 By David Demianoff (Ironmugen).
This project and myself have nothing to do with SNK Playmore or others.
This is just a fanart.