Fighting style: Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts combined with Kenpo
Age: 21
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Group: B
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Likes: Writing poetry
Hates: Hard work
Strong sport: Ice hockey
Most imp. thing: Motorcycle, girlfriend (Yuki)
Favorite food: Barbecued fish

Kyo was sent by his father Saisyu in Southtown to take part of the "King of the fighters" tournament to help his father 's old friend Takuma Sakazaki, and also to watch Shingo 's progress. For Kyo it's a good reason to miss school and to meet again his friends from Southtown Terry and Ryo. But Kyo doesn't know that someone "secretly" followed him into this and he will also be in part of the troubles Cheng told about.

Background Music: Good Bye Esaka

Oni Yaki: + Punch
Ara Gami: + Weak Punch *breakshot*
Doku Gami: + Strong Punch *breakshot*
75 Shiki: Kai: + Kick (press kick again)
R.E.D. Kick: + Kick
412 Shiki: Hikigane: + Kick
108 Shiki Orochi Nagi : + Punch (hold for different levels)
Kamijiri: ()x2 + Both Punch
Mu Shiki: [Close distance] + Both Punch


Ultimate garou: Conquer your dreams - 2004 By David Demianoff (Ironmugen).
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This is just a fanart.