Fighting style: Anti-K' Arts
Age: 15
Nationality: Unknow
Blood Group: Unknow
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Likes: Collecting some parts for amending "Candy"
Hates: Crows of people and Blaze
Strong sport: Unknow
Most imp. thing: Candy
Favorite food: Strawberry sorbet, Sweet

After the destruction of the NESTS, Diana decided to work as an agent for herself. Kula has been sent to Southtown to get the sacred scrolls currently owned by the Sakazakis, before someone else steal them. For that, Kula has to participate in the new "King of the fighters" tournament hosted by the Sakazaki family.

Background Music: Ice Palace

Diamond Breath: + Punch
Counter Shell: + Punch
Ray Spin: + Kick *breakshot*
Stand: + Weak Kick (after Ray Spin)
Sit: + Strong Kick (after Ray Spin)
Crow Bites: + Punch then + Strong Kick
Diamond Shoot: jump + Kick
Ice Block: + Punch
Diamond Edge: + Punch
Diamond Edge: + both Punch
Shingan Kuzu Otoshi: [throw with kick, then anytime] ()x2 + Both Punch


Ultimate garou: Conquer your dreams - 2004 By David Demianoff (Ironmugen).
This project and myself have nothing to do with SNK Playmore or others.
This is just a fanart.