Fighting style: Muey Thai
Age: 24
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Group: AB
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Likes: Brawling, being a flirt
Hates: Dressing up
Strong sport: All type of Martial-Arts
Most imp. thing: His head-band
Favorite food: Fried alligator

Our Muey Thai champion needs to win the "King of the Fighters" tournament of South Town. Why? He just wants to challenge his old friend Terry, in fact. And he also heard the kick boxer girl participates too, so he wants to show who is the champ. Joe has also been warned by Cheng for the same reason as Terry.

Background Music: Wani No Mi

Hurricane Upper: + Punch
Slash Kick: + Kick (repeat only during strong version during contact)
Tiger Kick: + Kick *breakshot*
TNT Punch: Tap Punch rapidly
TNT finisher: + Punch (during TNT Punch)
Golden Heel: + Kick
Screw Upper: + Punch
TNT Hurricane Tiger Heel: + Punch
Greatest Kick Ever: + Kick (hold to delay)
Joe doesn't have Stress shoot
Turbulence Upper: [weak Hurricane Upper] + Both Punch


Ultimate garou: Conquer your dreams - 2004 By David Demianoff (Ironmugen).
This project and myself have nothing to do with SNK Playmore or others.
This is just a fanart.