Fighting style: Kisaragi-ryu Ninjutsu
Age: 26
Nationality: Japanesse
Blood Group: B
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Likes: Practice for new techniques
Hates: Kyokugenryu
Strong sport: "Ninja never plays"
Most imp. thing: His own fist
Favorite food: Preserved food

After the King of Fighters 1995, hosted by the mysterious Rugal which wasn't able to control his power, Eiji, along with Billy, got attacked by surprise by their team-mate Iori. After a long time of no fighting, Eiji heard about the new King of Fighters, hosted by Robert Garcia. He thought it could be pretty interesting to to put an end to all his enemies.

Background Music: Shinobi No Michi

Kasumi Giri: + Punch
Ryueijin: + Punch
Kikoh-ho: + Punch *breakshot*
Koppa Giri: + Weak Kick (repeat another time)
Ninpou Enbu: + Strong Kick
Tenba Kyaku: + Kick
Zantetsu Ha: + Punch
Zantetsu Touroh Ken: + Kick
Mozu Otoshi: ()x2 + Both Punch
Yami Gari: [Throw] ( or ) + Strong Punch and Strong Kick


Ultimate garou: Conquer your dreams - 2004 By David Demianoff (Ironmugen).
This project and myself have nothing to do with SNK Playmore or others.
This is just a fanart.